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ADA Accessible PDFs

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ADA Accessible PDFs


Does anyone know of automated work-arounds for generating ADA Accessible PDFs using ODS?



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Re: ADA Accessible PDFs

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  I think that for PDF files to be section 508 compliant, you have to add some sort of tags to the PDF file. I do not believe that is directly possible with ODS PDF at this time. You might need to make an accessible HTML or accessible RTF file and then explicitly convert that file to PDF compliant form by using an Acrobat product.

  To get the definitive answer, though, you should open a track with Tech Support...they can verify this information with the accessibility folks and/or the PDF developer. To open a track with Tech Support, fill out the form at this link:


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Re: ADA Accessible PDFs

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Hi Larry,

I lead the accessibility team at SAS. I do not believe it is possible to create tagged PDF files using ODS PDF at this time.

However, we are currently assessing the priority of this feature for the next release. It would be very helpful if you could open a tech support track and help us understand your business requirements and the costs you incur because this feature is not currently supported. Please explain why you need tagged PDF files, how many you produce in a week/month/year, the cost of work-arounds, etc.



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Re: ADA Accessible PDFs

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Cynthia and Ed,

Thanks for your responses.

I have submitted this as tech support track # 7610789615.  I included some numbers in the track to support adding PDF ADA accessibility tagging. 

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