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A way to stop a blank title line in html output?

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A way to stop a blank title line in html output?

Hi everyone, I'm using ods html to create automatic emails and I can't find a way to remove the title line. Instead of using Title " " to make it blank I want to stop the blank line from writing to the output.

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Re: A way to stop a blank title line in html output?

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You're creating HTML emails??? This is a bad idea. No, well actually it is a really bad idea. Unless you have absolutely no option for your output, emails should be in pure text. You don't have to deal with vagaries of internet browsers, can block HTML emails from your mail client and reduce the likelihood you'll give away information to the Morlocks out there who love to send spam and get acknowledgements that their email has arrived so they can sell your address to other spammers.

Some browsers will also download wonderfully helpful bits of code that are helpful only to the Morlocks who want to add little surprises to your machine to damage your operating system, take over its functionality or capture data about you.

The data step has powerful methods to create text emails that will save you messing about with a language designed for web pages and not for emails. Searching the support site for references to sending emails from SAS will turn up documentation and user papers that will guide you every step of the way.

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