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What would you like to see in the #SASNordicUsers Webinars 2018 Q1-Q2 ?

by SAS Employee GertNissen ‎01-05-2018 04:02 AM - edited ‎01-05-2018 04:03 AM (221 Views)

Hi All


We have planned our first 8 webinars in 2018, and are ready to plan more webinars.


If you have ideas for topics that you would like to see in a furture webinar - submit your idea as an comment below - THANKS ;-)


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Gert Nissen

by Occasional Contributor sarunast
on ‎01-05-2018 05:10 AM

Dear SAS,

Could you prepare a topic about how to create ETL jobs with SAS DI Studio leveraging paralel processing through SAS Federation Server ? Of course if this is not something too technical Smiley Happy Especially if we have a cluster of SAS Federation Servers. Many thanks.