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Top 4 takeaways from SAS Explore - All content is available on-demand until October 29
SAS Employee

Did you miss the great content from SAS Explore? We're happy to let you know it's all available until October 29.

Visit SAS Explore and click "Log into Attendee Hub." Click the "On-Demand" button at the top navigation to see all sessions and select "Replay."


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From the SAS Explore Event Team, I'm sharing the following takeaways from the event:




1. In an increasingly complicated world, you must relentlessly simplify.

The hyperconnectivity of our world is creating complexity in data systems, supply chains, and world economies. Complexity must be matched with simplicity. We're focused on relentlessly simplifying the analytics life cycle so you can focus on discovering new insights in the cloud of your choice.


  • SAS® Viya® is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, meaning anyone can access SAS Viya on their terms and with pay-as-you-go pricing. Get up and running on SAS Viya in as little as an hour!
  • AI is the answer to overcoming complexity and scaling your decision-making. SAS Viya offers the most cohesive, comprehensive AI solution on the market that enables users to build sophisticated AI models with the click of a button.
  • The pace of disruption and data expansion requires visual tools that accelerate data wrangling and modeling. SAS Visual Analytics provides the simplicity to visualize and understand what data matters.
  • SAS continues to innovate in areas such as flows within SAS Studio and pipeline automation in Model Studio to simplify rapid modeling across multiple types of models.


2. Collaboration is essential to driving outcomes from analytics.

And if you want effective collaboration, you must meet people where they are most comfortable.


  • SAS supports open-source languages like Python and R so that SAS programmers and open-source programmers can all work together in a seamless, predictive environment.
  • Further, SAS has announced integrations with GitHub and Jenkins across the entire analytics life cycle to enable automation and collaboration.
  • To remove barriers to entry for the analytics ecosystem, SAS now offers code, low-code, and no-code capabilities, so each role can contribute as they collaborate.

3. Efficiency is the key to increased productivity.

Speed in analytics is critical. You have to discover, learn, decide, and act faster. Scaled and accurate decision-making is the new currency.


  • We're pioneering state-of-the-art algorithms that run many times faster than alternatives in the market. So you can get trusted results while reducing cloud consumption costs.
  • We've also announced that there is zero licensing control of the SAS container run time, so users can put models (SAS or open source) into containers with zero dependencies on the broader Viya platform and deploy as many as they want


4. Ethical AI is everyone's responsibility.

As AI becomes pervasive, automated decisions are made on behalf of large populations. Outcomes must be explainable, transparent, and fair.


  • SAS enables companies to innovate responsibly with unparalleled traceability across the ModelOps life cycle so that the entire organization can build transparency and trust.
  • New SAS Model Studio features help detect biases and weigh the accuracy and fairness of a model.

These are just a few of the many insights shared at SAS Explore. Don't forget that 100+ expert-led sessions and training, including industry-focused sessions, are available on demand until October 29.