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SAS User Forum 2017: Libname JSON - Enrich your data with everything that Internet has to offer

by SAS Employee GeorgMorsing on ‎06-20-2017 03:37 AM (207 Views)

Presentation number 103 by Joel Jönsson, SAS Institute

Stockholm, 20 June 2017



JSON is quickly becoming the industry standard for data interchanges, especially in supporting REST APIs. Until now, importing JSON content into SAS has required significant custom code. Developing that code can be laborious, requiring transcoding, manual text parsing, and creating handlers for unexpected structure changes. Fortunately, the new JSON LIBNAME engine (in the fourth maintenance release for SAS® 9.4 and later) delivers a robust, efficient method for importing JSON content into SAS data structures.


This presentation is based on the following presentation from SAS Global Forum.