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SAS User Forum 2017: Data can be beautiful: crafting a compelling story with SAS® Visual Analytics

by SAS Employee DorteBrix ‎06-13-2017 09:22 AM - edited ‎06-15-2017 05:31 AM (212 Views)

Presentation number 59 by Cheryl L. Coyle & Mark Malek, SAS Institute

Copenhagen, 15 June 2017



Do your reports effectively communicate the message you intended? Are your reports aesthetically appealing? An attractive report does not ensure the accurate delivery of a data story, nor does a logical data story guarantee visual appeal. This paper provides guidance for SAS Visual Analytics Designer users to facilitate the creation of compelling data stories. The primary goal of a report is to enable readers to quickly and easily get answers to their questions. Achieving this goal is strongly influenced by the choice of visualizations for the data, the quantity and arrangement of the information that is included, and the use or misuse of colour. This paper describes how to guide readers' movement through a report to support comprehension of the data story; provides tips on how to express quantitative data using the most appropriate graphs; suggests ways to organize content through the use of visual and interactive design techniques; and instructs report designers about the meaning of colours, presenting the notion that even subtle changes in colour can evoke feelings that are different from those intended. A thoughtfully designed report can educate the viewer without compromising visual appeal. Included in this paper are recommendations and examples which, when applied to your own work, will help you create reports that are both informative and beautiful.


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