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SAS Global Forum 2017 - Day #3

by SAS Employee GertNissen on ‎04-05-2017 06:27 PM (120 Views)

So it's time to pack the suitcase and head home - packed with ideas, learnings and inspiration.


I did not get to hear all 770 sessions, demo etc. - but not a problem because most papers are available on


Before I continue with my text - I would recommend that you read Magnus Boye's article "How to hear a Graph" on the Danish website Version2.


Wednesday is the shotest conference day, measured in number of session  - but it actually continues with courses tomorrow. For some last night kick-back party at Hollywood Studios it might be a long day - for others the long travel home, is the tuffest. Today I got to hear keynote speaker and Astronaut Chris Hadfield talk about his life and take calculated risks (among other topics)


  1. Basic Ingredients for Blending the SAS® Client with SAS® Viya™
  2. Shared File System Requirements for SAS® Grid Manager
  3. Your Database Can Do SAS® Too!
  4. Getting Started with SAS® Prompts
  5. A Long-Time SAS® Programmer Learns New Tricks
  6. DATA Step in SAS® Viya™: Essential New Features
  7. Tales from the Help Desk: Solutions to Common DATA Step Tasks
  8. Increasing Your Productivity with New Features in SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  9. SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 for Dummies
  10. Wrangling Your Data into Shape for In-Memory Analytics

Today also finish with what I would wote Best-Paper 2017 


"SAS® Visual Analytics Tricks We Learned from Reading Hundreds of SAS® Community Posts"

by Tricia Aanderud and friends.


See You Next Year in stunning Denver, for SAS® Global Forum 2018 at April 8-11.