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SAS Global Forum 2017 - Day #1

by SAS Employee GertNissen ‎04-03-2017 11:21 PM - edited ‎04-05-2017 08:46 AM (160 Views)

SAS Global Forum 2017 has started, and the tsunami of SAS Tips&Tricks has begone!


The theme for the "Opening session" on sunday was among many topics a review of news from the past year and a look into upcomming releases, that continued today with the "Technology Connection: Analytics in Action. Innovation at Work" - both adressed new technology, the difference between classic Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (or Algorithmic Intelligence) - and the idea behind Edge Analytics directly at the sensors or devices. See "DATA Step Debugging in Enterprise Guide"


The rest of the days was then open for hundreds of sessions, demo etc. wtih the challenge of chossing only one for each time-slot. You can already now see some of the recorded presentations. But staying home just to watch the video, don't give you the possiblitity to ask questions, hear other customers reactions or talk to the developers about new features.


Some of the presentations i attended monday was:

  1. Managing the Data Dictionary and Business Glossary Using SAS® Business Data Network
  2. Scripting and Scheduling SAS® Admin Tools
  3. Whats New in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer (Modern) in SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4
  4. SAS® Viya™: What It Means for SAS® Administration
  5. Introduction to Configuring SAS® Metadata Security for Multitenancy
  6. SAS® Visual Analytics Architecture and Administration on SAS® Viya™
  7. The Architecture of the SAS® Cloud Analytic Services in SAS® Viya™
  8. Create Custom Graphs Using SAS® Visual Analytics Graph Builder with SAS® Visual Analytics 7.3
  9. Bridging the Gap between Agile Model Development and IT Productionisation
  10. Designing for Performance: Best Practices for SAS® Visual Analytics Reports

Now - getting ready, planning Tuesday for sessions to attend.....


Visual Analytics design best-practice20170403_185540645_iOS.jpg



Social Activities with fellow SAS useres from the Nordics



Super Demo about Metadata security.

Do you use Lockdown servers ?20170403_161253740_iOS.jpg

Hands-on course on Enterprise Guide20170403_145637000_iOS.jpg