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SAS Forum 2015: Test for Success: Automated Testing of SAS® Metadata Security Implementation

by SAS Employee GeorgMorsing on ‎10-07-2015 08:10 AM (401 Views)

Præsentation nummer 52 af Paul Homes, Metacoda
8. oktober 2015



SAS platform installations are large, complex, growing, and ever-changing enterprise systems that support many diverse groups of users and content. A reliable metadata security implementation is critical for providing access to business resources in a methodical, organized, partitioned, and protected manner. With natural changes to users, groups, and folders from an organization’s day-to-day activities, deviations from an original metadata security plan are very likely and can put protected resources at risk. Regular security testing can ensure compliance, but, given existing administrator commitments and the time consuming nature of manual testing procedures, it does not tend to happen. This paper discusses concepts and outlines several example test specifications from an automated metadata security testing framework developed by Metacoda. With regularly scheduled, automated testing, using a well-defined set of test rules, administrators can focus on their other work and let alerts notify them of any deviations from a metadata security test specification.