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Juletip #2 - Få en gratis opdatering af dine SAS kompetencer og bliv inspireret af SAS eksperter

by SAS Employee JeppeDeigaard on ‎12-02-2015 02:57 AM (1,121 Views)

Der er alt fra ”Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your SAS Code” til ” Getting Started with SAS Visual Analytics/SAS Visual Statistics”.


Skim nedenstående liste igennem og lad dig inspirerer – jeg er sikker på du vil finde en session der kan hjælpe dig i din nuværende eller fremtidige rolle.


Jeg så selv Tips & Trick i SAS Visual Analytics forleden – det var super godt.


Du finder de gratis ”Ask the Expert” sessioner her. Du kan deltage i Live webinars eller streame dem on-demand, hvis det passer bedre i dit program. Sessionerne varer typisk ½-1 time.


Glædelig jul

   Jeppe Deigaard


New to SAS

Top 10 SAS Support Resources This session shows you various support resources, including, the main SAS support site. You also learn about SAS blogs, SAS communities, and video and thought leader sites. Great information for SAS novices and experts alike. Watch on-demand

Introduction to SAS Studio This session introduces SAS Studio, a development application for SAS that you access through your web browser. Watch on-demand


Visual Analytics

Getting Started with SAS Visual Analytics This session introduces you to the components of SAS Visual Analytics, including the Home Page, the Explorer, and the Designer. It also introduces the Viewer and Mobile BI, the interfaces for viewing SAS Visual Analytics reports. Watch on-demand

SAS Visual Analytics: Tips & Tricks for Users This session will provide you with options, tips & tricks, and best practices when using SAS Visual Analytics for data exploration and report design. Watch on-demand

Getting Started with SAS Visual Statistics This session introduces SAS Visual Statistics and its capabilities. You see how you can apply statistical modeling techniques to explore data visually. Watch on-demand

What Does It Mean to Administer SAS Visual Analytics This session helps you understand and perform administrative tasks that are specific to SAS Visual Analytics. To get the most out of this session, it is helpful to have a familiarity with the SAS Intelligence Platform. Watch on-demand



Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Miner In this session, you learn how to use SAS Enterprise Miner to create a project, define a data source, create a basic flow process, explore and modify data, perform basic modeling, and score new data. Watch on-demand

Getting Started with SAS Text Miner In this session, you learn how to create a project, access and read unstructured data, perform natural language processing, explore concepts in your document collection, group similar documents, and use unstructured data for predictive modeling. Watch on-demand

Getting Started with SAS Forecast Server This session introduces you to SAS Forecast Server. We walk through the eight-step wizard for setting up a new project, navigate the SAS Forecast Studio user interface, review forecasting results, and highlight some of the most commonly used options. Watch on-demand

Data Mining Tasks with SAS Enterprise Guide This session covers SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler and model scoring. It also covers recency, frequency, and monetary analysis. Watch on-demand

Ensemble Models and Partitioning Algorithms in SAS Enterprise Miner This session presents various ensemble models based on partitioning algorithms in SAS Enterprise Miner. These include decision trees, bagging, boosting, gradient boosting, random forests, and ensemble trees. Watch on-demand


Foundation Tools

Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Guide This session introduces you to SAS Enterprise Guide. You learn how to access SAS data, run tasks, change output format, manipulate data in the Query Builder window, and use the SAS Enterprise Guide programming interface. Watch on-demand

Hidden Gems in SAS Enterprise Guide This session looks at new and existing functionality in SAS Enterprise Guide to help both novice users and longtime programmers. Learn about filtering options, task and code templates, prompts, computed columns, subqueries, and other topics. Watch on-demand

A Deeper Dive into SAS Enterprise Guide Reporting This session reviews creating a simple row and column report, creating a graph or chart, adding a prompt, and combining reports in the report builder. Watch on-demand

From A to Z: A SAS Enterprise Guide Case Study This session is perfect for experienced SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to explore data management and manipulation more fully. Through a real business scenario, you explore topics such as restructuring data, creating columns, and creating prompts. Watch on-demand

Developing Custom Tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide In this session you will learn the process for creating a custom task for SAS Enterprise Guide. We'll demonstrate how to create a brand new task using a combination of SAS programming, SAS Enterprise Guide, and Microsoft.NET. Watch on-demand

Exploring SAS Stored Processes This session shows how to use SAS Enterprise Guide to access and analyze data. You create SAS Stored Processes from an Enterprise Guide project and from existing SAS programs, and you access stored processes from a variety of SAS client applications. Watch on-demand

What's New in 9.4 Foundation for Programmers In this session, you learn about the new features and functionality of SAS 9.4. Watch on-demand

The What, When, and Why of SAS/ACCESS Interfaces This session introduces the key characteristics and capabilities of SAS/ACCESS interfaces by answering these questions: What are SAS /ACCESS interfaces? What capabilities do they provide? When and why should they be used? Watch on-demand

Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your SAS Code This session teaches you tips and tricks to make your SAS code run more efficiently. There are multiple ways to do most things in SAS, so understanding some coding guidelines (such as limiting the amount of data read) is the key to efficiency. Watch on-demand


Business Intelligence

Introduction to SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server In this session, you learn how to integrate enterprise data and deliver self-service reporting and analysis with SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence. Watch on-demand

Introduction to SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office This session is for power users/business analysts who are comfortable working in Microsoft applications, and want to harness the advanced analytical power of SAS. It will illustrate how the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office can be used to query data, run SAS analytical tasks, access SAS reports, and execute SAS stored processes. This can all be accomplished directly from Microsoft Office tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Please note that the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office is licensed as part of SAS Office Analytics, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Business Intelligence, and other SAS solution product bundles/offerings. Watch on-demand



Introduction to SAS Administration Tasks in SAS 9.4 This session introduces the basics of SAS platform administration in a SAS Metadata Server environment. It identifies the platform administrator’s roles and provides an overview of the tasks performed after initial installation and configuration of SAS. Watch on-demand

Advanced SAS Administration This session is ideal for advanced SAS users. The session covers backup strategies and logging for your SAS environment. Watch on-demand

Considerations for Transitioning from PC to Server This session outlines five key considerations (data, interactive/surrounding applications, usability, performance, metadata) for SAS customers making SAS environment changes from PC to server. Watch on-demand

by Senior User gurli
on ‎12-02-2015 04:34 AM
Super oversigt Jeppe. Så kan man da få tiden til at gå fredag aften mens konen ser vild med dans el.lign. :-)
by SAS Employee GertNissen
on ‎12-09-2015 03:31 AM

Man kan også finde virkelig mange gratis tutorials inde for rigtig mange områder på denne side



by SAS Employee JeppeDeigaard
on ‎12-09-2015 04:09 AM

Ja, de små tutorials er rigtigt gode, især hvis man søger information eller tips til hvordan man løser konkrete opgaver.


Der er alt fra mere simple opgaver som "Merging SAS Tables in a Data Step" og "Get Started with SAS Visual Analytics Designer: Report Basics" til "Perform Logistic Regression Modeling Using SAS Visual Statistics" og "Fitting Bayesian Random-Effects Models Using PROC MCMC"


Super input Gert.