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How to prioritize which SAS Global Forum 2017 sessions to attend......

by SAS Employee GertNissen ‎03-21-2017 09:57 AM - edited ‎03-21-2017 12:59 PM (748 Views)

Hi SAS Nordic FANS


One thing is that SAS Global Forum 2017 with 5000 Attendees is a big Conference, but having to choose between the massive 770 sessions during the 4 days - how to manage that ?


Of the 770 sessions

You have two options to search/filter sessions of interest and to save your personal agenda

  1. Web-based Session Catalog
  2. Search in App/Play Store for "SAS Global Forum 2017"

In the agenda builder you have all kinds of search options/angles to find the session of interest - It's always a good idea to do some homework before the Conference. If you think you can manage to browse around and pick sessions adhoc - you will most likely, not get the best experience.


Engage in the SAS Commuity Group, attend our one hour SAS Nordic Fans webinar "News from SAS Global Forum" on april 20th with highlights from the Conference or follw me on Twitter where I will post during the Conference.


Below are some presentations I already have found - so far..... I still need to prioritize... Kennedy Space Center or The Everglades ;-)


See you in a few weeks..... 


Data Management /


Visual Analytics


Advanced Analytics

Using ODS EXCEL to Integrate Tables, Graphics, and Text into Multi-Tabbed Microsoft Excel Reports

Interactive Modeling in SAS® Visual Analytics

What's in *Your* Inbox? An Introduction to Text Mining Using SAS®

Best-Practice Programming Techniques Using SAS® Software

An Introduction to SAS® Visual Analytics 8.1

Data Visualization from SAS® to Microsoft SharePoint

Automatically Create Diagrams Showing the Structure and Performance of Your SAS® Code

Data Can Be Beautiful: Crafting a Compelling Story with SAS® Visual Analytics

Hands-On Workshop: Data Mining using SAS® Enterprise Miner™

Advanced Programming Techniques with PROC SQL

Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with SAS® Visual Analytics

SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Integration With Open Source Languages

Optimizing SAS® Grid Computing with SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server and Dynamic Data Partition...

Designing for Performance: Best Practices for SAS® Visual Analytics Reports

Creating the Perfect BI Report: Where to Begin

A Long-Time SAS® Programmer Learns New Tricks

Nine Best Practices for Big Data Dashboards Using SAS® Visual Analytics

Establishing an Agile, Self-Service Environment to Empower Agile Analytic Capabilities

SAS® Macros: Advanced Techniques

The Art of Overlaying Graphs to Create Advanced Visualizations

Decorative Infographics Using SAS®

Top Ten SAS® Performance Tuning Techniques

What's New in SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4

Optimizing Development of Credit Risk Scorecards Using Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™

Self-Service Data Management for Analytics Users across the Enterprise

Auditing in SAS® Visual Analytics

Churn Prevention in the Telecom Services Industry: A Systematic Approach to Prevent B2B Churn Using ...

Using SAS® Data Management Advanced to Ensure Data Quality for Master Data Management

The SAS® Visual Analytics Environment: Behind the Scenes

Developing a Product Recommendation Platform for Real-Time Decisions in the Direct Sales Environme



by SAS Employee GertNissen
on ‎03-21-2017 10:58 AM

I you feel homesick during your stay - you could visit two of our local heros, presenting papers at SAS Global Forum:


Perttu Muurimki, Statistics Finland



Cecily Hoffritz, SAS DK

by Moderator
on ‎03-22-2017 07:49 AM

Gert, this would be a really useful post in the "SAS Global Forum 2017" community..


@ChrisHemedinger - how easy is it to move/clone discussions, or is it best it get reposted? )

by SAS Employee GertNissen
on ‎03-22-2017 08:58 AM

Hi @AndrewHowell - Great you found my article helpfull, I have now posted a link to this article in the SAS Global Forum 2017 group.