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FANS Network Meeting | Data Science | 7 June, 2022 | Hybrid Event | Nordic
SAS Employee

Date: 07/06-2022

Time: 13:00-16:00 CET (GMT +1)


  • Denmark: Hybrid (Havneholmen 8, 2450 Copenhagen SV) & Teams
  • Finland: Virtual
  • Norway: Virtual
  • Sweden: Virtual
  • Virtual: Microsoft Teams (join link will be sent with the registration confirmation email)

Register: Denmark / Finland / Norway / Sweden




  • Welcome
    • By: Frans Holm, SAS


  •  AI Value Accelerator
    • Many companies struggle with innovation and especially making innovation a continuous part of their business bringing value to the business. Too often companies see themselves inventing new insights, products, ideas but don’t have the organization to actually bring them to life. This is where the SAS AI Value Accelerator can help.
    • We have created the AI Value Accelerator based on experience working with a variety of customers and use cases across many industries. The framework can also be seen as a guideline for which steps you need to go through in order to get the full value out of their analytics.
    • We will walk you through this journey and give some examples of how we are helping organizations on this journey.
    • By Josefin Rosén & Kristina Birch, SAS


  • Analytics Proc in EG/SAS Studio
    • A brief walk through of the analytics proc’s in EG/SAS Studio
    • By: Pia Rønnevik, SAS


  • Break


  • How to build and deploy responsible AI models
    • It is essential for organizations to make sure their AI models do not learn harmful bias from data.
    • The development and deployment processes of models need to be ethical and transparent.
    • This presentation provides practical guidance on how to build & deploy responsible AI models. It also shows example workflows for data engineer, data scientist and deployment manager roles.
    • By Antti Heino, SAS



  • SAS Hackathon - Banking Process Automation
    • We have used the SAS Hackathon to create a value adding automated processes to take the internal process to the next level and enhance critical business moments.
    • By Mathilda Julin, Enda O Connor, Roberta Murniece, Surabhi Agarwal & Suchi Siwach - all from KPMG


  • Customer Case – yours?
    • Would you be interested in participating in a small conversation about: What are you doing of Data Science work?
    • I have got cancellations from the planed customers, so I have room for you!!
    • Interested – just e-mail me at


  •  Closing & Lottery
    • By Frans Holm, SAS



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