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"bounds" dose not take roles in "prco model" and programming

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"bounds" dose not take roles in "prco model" and programming

I find that the "bounds" takes no roles in "proc model" or programming. The following is an example. I want to get the positive solution. But it gives the negative one. Dose anybody has any suggestion?
Notes: (1)You can impose the initial value of x=5. But in general, you do not know the solution and so it is very difficutlt to give a close initial values.
(2)You can replace x by exp(x). But it makes the computing more difficult and sometimes can not get the solution.

data aaaa;
b2=1; b1=-4; b3=-5;
proc model data=aaaa out=ab_1 noprint;
bounds x>0;
dependent x 1;
solve x /converge=1e-6 maxiter=200;
run; Message was edited by: HHBB
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Re: "bounds" dose not take roles in "prco model" and programming

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PROC MODEL is part of SAS/ETS. If you pose your question in the SAS Forecasting forum


they should be able to help.
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