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dream wintel machine for NLP?

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dream wintel machine for NLP?

I'm a heavy NLP user. Frequently, I have NLP jobs that have taken a few weeks to run on my wintel desktop...for instance, Monte Carlo studies of the finite sample behavior of computationally taxing estimations.

I'm in a position now to upgrade my desktop to pretty much anything I want, but it would have to remain in the wintel family. I was hoping to get suggestions from this forum.

It seems to me that some things might be overkill. For instance, it looks to me like only a handful of SAS procs have been rewritten to take full advantage of multithreading, and that NLP is NOT one of those. If that's right, then it seems to me there would be little point in having anything beyond a two-processor box. But maybe I'm wrong...please let me know.

I would guess that I want an x64-capable machine and OS, and plenty of RAM. Any recommendations?

Lots of computationally intensive Windows software hits the swapfile a lot. Does SAS, and in particular NLP, do so? If so, would it be helpful to have a dedicated solid-state disk for the swapfile?

Thanks for all your ideas...
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