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data model implementing churn management in telecom

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data model implementing churn management in telecom

i want to run a simple example in SAS which is implementing churn management .is there alreay prepared Data Model implementing Churn management in telecom.
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Re: data model implementing churn management in telecom

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When I googled on the string:
SAS Churn Telecommunications

I came up with a lot of hits. Here are a few:

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Re: data model implementing churn management in telecom

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Hi cynthia,

Thanks for replying.
Actually i am very new to Churn Management.Got a lot of information reading the links send by u.
i want a dummy data model so that i can use SAS Enterprise Miner tool to implement that data model and show my clients that i can implement the same into there system and over come there churn problem.
So could u plz provide me with a Data Model Implementing Churn Management.
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Re: data model implementing churn management in telecom

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I believe the data model is built into the SAS Customer Retention solution. The solution that SAS provides is called: SAS® Customer Retention for Telecommunications, as described at one of the SAS sites above. In addition, you can find many of the success stories here:

The SAS® Customer Retention for Telecommunications solution
"uses SAS’ award-winning data warehousing and analytics to offer:
• Accurate reporting on who is leaving your company.
• Insights into the major factors influencing the decision to leave.
• Industry-leading accuracy for predicting who is likely to churn
in the near future.
• Flexible and scalable technology that can keep up with your
company’s growth.
• Pre-built analytical data and process models that speed up implementation and ROI.
• Seamless integration with other SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions.
With SAS Customer Retention for Telecommunications, churners and non-churners are scored using analytical data and process models for both fixed-line and mobile churn prediction. These predefined processes gather data from account, client, household, subscription and equipment information and then analyze it using SAS’ industry-leading analytics to produce an accurate churn score.

Scores are then delivered through reports for use in retention strategies targeting potential churners. The same churn scores can also be applied to proactive marketing campaigns designed to improve overall retention rates.

Our pre-built models also reveal critical information about bill value, types of calls made, service usage, services acquired in the last six months, period balance outstanding, etc. Data from call centers and fault repair systems can also be included to help predict churn."

Quoted section is from the brochure on the SAS Customer Retention for Telecommunications solution, part of the Enterprise Intelligence platform. Also, part of a suite of Telecommunications solutions, which include:
• SAS Customer Retention for Telecommunications
• SAS Strategic Performance Management for Telecommunications
• SAS Campaign Management for Telecommunications
• SAS Customer Segmentation for Telecommunications
• SAS Cross-Sell and Up-Sell for Telecommunications
• SAS Payment Risk for Telecommunications
• SAS Customer Profitability for Telecommunications

To find out more about purchasing the SAS solution, you should contact your SAS Sales Representative.

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