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What is "missing id value"?

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What is "missing id value"?

When I run Proc Calis, the log window shows me the warning message as " 12 observations omitted due to missing ID values." I don't know how to resolve this problem. Can any one help me answer this question? Is there any other statement needed to add in the statement of PROC CALIS? Thank you.
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Re: What is "missing id value"?

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I'm no CALIS expert, but I think you either have to accept that 12 rows wouldn't be part of the analysis, or try to clean up you source data. This quote from on-line doc might give some clues as well:

Missing Values
If the DATA= data set contains raw data (rather than a covariance or correlation matrix), observations with missing values for any variables in the analysis are omitted from the computations. If a covariance or correlation matrix is read, missing values are allowed as long as every pair of variables has at least one nonmissing value.

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