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Versioning SAS Jobs

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Versioning SAS Jobs

Dear SAS,
Can you please help me in finding a wayout in versioning my SAS DI Jobs/Codes with date and Time stamp. Is there any way we can do this.
There are lot changes we do on regular basis which requires me , management and Client to track down.

Secondly , Is there any wayout we can integrate SAS DI to third party versioing software Like Harvest. So that we can version our SAS Jobs and codes.

I am wondering is there no site in SAS World who implemented versioning using some methodology prosposed by SAS.

I have read about the change management in DI but does not meet our needs as aforesaid.

Please help.....

Thanking you for your earliest attention.

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Re: Versioning SAS Jobs

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There is no built-in support for your needs. There is to my knowledge any best practice, or SAS supported methodology here, so it's up to each project to figure out how to solve this.

From DI Studio, you can version control metadata objects by using exported package files, or generated SAS code. Then, you have to manually (or by some routine that you create) copy these files into a third party software that does the actual version handelling thing. So far, it's quite straight forward. Some problem can arise when it comes to restore an old version back into DI Studio, how to handle that? May some data input/output to the job has changed, so you have to keep track on that as well, since there is no software support for this as far as I know. Maybe it's best to use version control in this environment just as reference: to see what was change, when and by who.

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