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Two models in one OPTMODEL procedure

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Two models in one OPTMODEL procedure

proc optmodel;

var a >= 0; var b >= 0;

con     constr1:

           a + b <= 9

max    5*a + 3*b

solve ;

con constr2:

          a + b <= 12

max   3*a + 4*b

solve ;     (question: how do change the code here, such that this solve only deals with the problem defined after the previous solve?)


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Re: Two models in one OPTMODEL procedure

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The simplest approach here is to use the DROP statement (SAS/OR(R) 13.2 User's Guide: Mathematical Programming) to drop the first constraint:

drop constr1;

More generally, you can use the PROBLEM and USE PROBLEM statements to handle multiple problems within one PROC OPTMODEL session:

SAS/OR(R) 13.2 User's Guide: Mathematical Programming

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