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SAS Simulation Studio

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SAS Simulation Studio

Hello! I'm a new user to sas simulation studio. I have searched this question online but couldn't find an answer. What I am trying to do is to build a transportation simulator. There are packages at different locations that need to be picked up by trucks from different locations. I want to implement an optimization algorithm to assign packages to trucks at the end of each simulation day based on locations of trucks. Then trucks will pick up packages based on the assigned routes the next day. Is such thing achievable in simulation studio? E.g., use proc optmodel or just greedy heuristics in simulation studio? Thanks!

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Re: SAS Simulation Studio

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I never called a SAS program from SimStudio, but I would try the following:

Use SAS Program Block, triggering SAS code execution at the end of the simulation day with the InSubmitCode port.

Use InQueueData or InServerData ports together with Stats Collector Blocks or Dataset Writer Block to provide data from SimStudio to the SAS program.

Use Dataset Holder Block to read data into SimStudio provided by the SAS program.

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Re: SAS Simulation Studio

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Hi Gergely,

Thanks for replying! I'm actually just giving it a shot as we are trying to build a toy model and the management team prefers simulation studio over Python for the first attempt. I will update when I have a chance to implement your idea.

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