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SAS Optimization 8.2 is now available!

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SAS Optimization 8.2 is now available!

SAS Optimization 8.2, a SAS Viya product, was released on December 12, 2017.  SAS Optimization provides many of the same optimization capabilities as SAS/OR, but SAS Optimization also incorporates many distributed optimization features. SAS Optimization 8.2 adds several new capabilities:

  • The MILP, network, and NLP solvers and the decomposition algorithm (for LP and MILP) improve their performance. 
  • The LP and MILP solvers improve their numerical stability. 
  • The MILP solver adds a distributed branch-and-cut algorithm and the ability to report multiple solutions. 
  • PROC OPTNETWORK and the network solver (accessible from PROC OPTMODEL) add a path enumeration algorithm to find paths between specified nodes. The network optimization action set adds the corresponding path action. 
  • The connected components algorithm in the network solver adds support for the thin internal graph format.
  • The LSO (local search optimization) solver is added and is called by PROC OPTMODEL. 
  • PROC CLP (constraint logic programming) is added and runs on CAS. You can choose to run PROC CLP on a single machine or to distribute its execution across multiple nodes. 
  • The optimization action set adds two actions, loadMps and convertMps, that help convert an .mps file on the client to a CAS table that can be accepted as input by PROC OPTLP and PROC OPTMILP in SAS Optimization

For more information, see the SAS Optimization 8.2 documentation.

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