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Read dimensional sets into proc optmodel

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Read dimensional sets into proc optmodel

Hi fellow SAS-users!

After much frustration and a lot of reading up on the proc optmodel and examples I turn to you.

Essentially I am trying, by using sets, to read in some data which varies in the number of elements in several dimension. A simplified example of what I want would is:

data Company_Data;

  input Customer Bill;


  cust1 B1

  cust1 B2

  cust1 B3

  cust2 B4

  cust3 B5


proc optmodel;

set<string> Customers init {};

set<string> Bills{c in Customers};

read data Company_Data into Customers=[customer];

/*Magic to get Bills read into the model */




/*What I want*/


Bills['cust1'] = {'B1', 'B2', 'B3'};

Bills['cust2'] = {'B4'};

Bills['cust3'] = {'B5'};

/* End of model */

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Re: Read dimensional sets into proc optmodel

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