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Proc optnet - maximum number of nodes

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Proc optnet - maximum number of nodes



I'm using the optnet procedure with the shortpath statement. The output is the shortest path between every pair of nodes I have in input. I have a lot of nodes in my data, so sometimes the number of nodes it takes to get from A to B can be quite big and take a lot of time to run. 


Right now, after the procedure is done running, I get the number of nodes used in each pair of points and I remove it if it is too high (over 50 or 100 for example), because I still have some manipulations to do.


Since this step can be long as well, I would like to know if there is an option or a way that will not output the pair if the number of nodes there is between them is too high. I'm using SAS 9.4.



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Re: Proc optnet - maximum number of nodes

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proc optnet (or the network solver in OPTMODEL) can only find ALL paths, ALL SHORTEST (length=1) paths or ALL LONGEST (too long) paths, nothing in between. A cap on path length would indeed be something useful.

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Re: Proc optnet - maximum number of nodes

Thank you for your time.


I found an interesting option that I did not see before, called "data_nodes_sub=". You use a table with the nodes, source and sink as columns with 0 or 1 as values. It helped me a lot.

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