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Open excel

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Open excel

Is anybody knows how to open excel sheet from EGuide?
I have a code that finally tabulate all results and export it into excel sheet.
But I want more. As a result of running this SAS code, Excel sheet should automatically open with results. One option, maybe, use SAS-in from Excel, run a code and download back to Excel? Any other options?
Thanks, Maury
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Re: Open excel

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I think this is in the wrong forum. It should be in the Enterprise Guide forum.

Enterprise Guide permits you to include Excel objects in projects, although there are limitations imposed by whether the project is run locally, or on a workspace server. And obviously whether Excel is installed as an application on that machine.

The architecture you are using is highly significant, the export method used is also very important and I suggest the whole process should be examined by Tech Support to make more complete recommendations for your desired solution.

Kind regards

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