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Multiple end items for proc bom

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Multiple end items for proc bom

I am trying to flag multiple intermediate products as end items for proc bom. My final products start with (the character) "8", my intermediate products in question start out with a "2", the raw materials start with "4".

How can one specify multiple parts from the part master that start with a certain character in the proc bom statement - if it is possible at all?

The available examples from the internet seem to be restricted to a single intermediate product (like enditem=("LA01")). What I would like to achieve is a truncated equal to (like enditem=(Part =: "L")).

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Re: Multiple end items for proc bom

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Thanks for your question! We were wondering if you might be able to filter your part master data set with SQL prior to running the BOM procedure. BOM doesn't support wildcards or masking as far as I know.



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Re: Multiple end items for proc bom

I think I have to use some post-processing, because some the intermediate products (4*) might consist of (other) "final" (2*) products. It helps to know that a have not overlooked some standard functionality, though. Many Thanks!

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