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Error while working on SAS DI Studio.

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Error while working on SAS DI Studio.

I am working on a client-site on a ETL process using SAS DI Studio. The problem I am facing is the following:

While creating or saving any metadata or job I am getting error such as : Error writing metadata. The object cannot be found in the container : TMP.000.prop.data

The queries as codes can be executed successfully including creating tables and querying them etc. on a code sheet in DI Studio.

So I could figure out that there is no disk space issue on the server.

My question is:
Does the problem relates to the container files on the server which needs some updation or changes for such type of errors.

How can we solve the above problem.

Saurabh Bajpai.
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Re: Error while working on SAS DI Studio.

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The best way to solve these kind of problems is to contact SAS tech support.

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