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CLP Procedure specs

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CLP Procedure specs


I'm thinking of using this procedure to find a solution for a logistic problem with 90 stores.

The thing is that besidess being 90 sotres, i need to make the plan for next 6 months, considering also stock keeping unit cost and sell price, and another big set of business rules.

My doubt is, is if this problem isn't big enough (6 * 4 * 90)! to find a solution through this procedure.

1 - Did someone seen if there is any limitation on the complexity of the problem?.

By the way, i think that using matrix would make my life easier.

2 - Does anyone knows if it is possible to use Matrix language within this procedure?.



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Re: CLP Procedure specs

You cannot use any matrix language from within PROC CLP.  If you want to use matrix language, you might try PROC IML.

If you prefer to use an algebraic modeling language, your should try PROC OPTMODEL.

Please provide more details about your problem, and I can try to steer you in the right direction.

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