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importing from MS excel: Proc SQL running

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importing from MS excel: Proc SQL running

I'm trying to import an Excel spreadsheet - one that I imported repeatedly last week with no trouble at all - using the import macro under "File>import data" in SAS 9.2.

After running through the macro, the "Log" window on says says, "Proc SQL running". It continues to run for a little under 5 minutes, then prints out a massive list of warnings, it looks like a warning for each column in the spreadsheet, each reading:

"Warning: failed to scan text length or time type for column ."

Then two errors:

"ERROR: Cursor extended fetch: Unable to get row data
ERROR: Import unsuccessful. See SAS Log for details."

The file is now in SAS, but only the first 8 lines were imported.

I don't think I'm doing anything any differently than I was when I tried to do this on Friday. It seemed to work just fine then (except that all my column names were double after import, so a column that read "ID" in Excel would read "ID ID" in SAS after the import procedure).

Any ideas? I would really appreciate some help. Message was edited by: sasisstuck
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Re: importing from MS excel: Proc SQL running

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It comes into my mind: "what has changed?"
I presume that you haven't modified this macro, so has anything changed in your Excel-file? Maybe someone is locking the file by having it open?

What happens if you try to read another Excel-file? Or from a different location?

If this macro uses then libname excel engine, that will explain the Proc SQL note, since it uses SQL to extract/update Excel sheets.

If this does not help, maybe this is a task for SAS support.

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