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Yes, but can SAS IMPORT from a Sharepoint Excel file?

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Yes, but can SAS IMPORT from a Sharepoint Excel file?

I saw where we can write a spreadsheet to Sharepoint using ODS, but...

How would I import an Excel file with a URL address?
I'm using SAS 9.2 (XP Pro) and Office 2007. We want to store some metadata Excel files on our Sharepoint site (to aid in audit trails, etc.) and grab them with our processes to build on-the-fly subroutines. This works great when pulling the Excel files from a shared server with a regular path-style address, but when I run the example code below I get the error that PROC IMPORT won't work with URL files.

filename test url "";
proc import file=test out=testout dbms=excel replace; range='test';
getnames=yes; scantext=yes; run;

ERROR: This "filename URL" access method is not supported by "proc import". Please copy the file to local disk before running the procedure.

I'd rather not copy the file (either manually or via an X command.) Ideas?

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