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Working with Visual Studio 2005 - Microsoft ODBC Driver

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Working with Visual Studio 2005 - Microsoft ODBC Driver

I'm trying to link to SAS/Share using .NET within Microsoft Visual Studio using a "databound object" and I am very close but right now I get an error that I can't figure out: ERROR [IM001] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not support this function

Has anyone successfully bound to a SAS dataset? I have the ASL example working but it seems to handle binding to SAS datasets differently and did not start out using the 2.0 framework, which is a requirement here.

Any help or advice is appreciated,
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Re: Working with Visual Studio 2005 - Microsoft ODBC Driver

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You may need to contact Tech Support. According to this site:

"A SAS/SHARE*NET server is a SAS/SHARE server for which SAS/SHARE*NET software is licensed. SAS/SHARE*NET software represents the Data Services component of SAS/IntrNet software. SAS/SHARE*NET is the licensable right to send requests to a SAS/SHARE server from a client that is not a SAS application. Examples of clients that are not SAS applications are:
<< some applications snipped for space>>

An application that uses the ODBC driver, such as Microsoft Excel
uses the ODBC driver, which provides ODBC-compliant Windows applications that have "read" and "write" access to local and remote SAS data sets.

OLE DB consumer or ADO application
uses ShareProvider to view and update data through a direct connection to a SAS/SHARE*NET server. ShareProvider implements the Microsoft OLE DB specification and can be used by any OLE DB- compliant or ADO-enabled application."

So the reason I suggest Tech Support is that what you want to do is possible and they will help you figure out the configuration and usage issues specific to your situation.

To open a track with Tech Support, go to this page for further information:

Good luck!
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