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Who is using? [b]Monitoring SAS Information Maps ![/b] HELP !

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Who is using? [b]Monitoring SAS Information Maps ![/b] HELP !


We need to monitor the usage of SAS Information Maps
for security and other reasons.
Is it possible?

for example:
Is it possible to get/check wich user is
using the user defined SAS Information Maps?

And how he is using this ..
- from WebReport Studio ?
- from SAS AMO ( EXCEL -addin )
- from SAS Information Map Libname Engine ..
- .....

Query and execution Time ?

for example LOG :
information maps id / userid / access dateTime /
Which Application
"Information map1" - "user1" -
2007.02.22 16:23 - Excel AMO
"Information map1" - "user3" - 2007.02.22 16:23
- WEB report Studio
"Information map2" - "user1" - DateTime
-SAS Libname

Any other way than implementing via Stored Process?

Whe have a same problem with SAS OLAP server.

any idea ?
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Who is using? [b]Monitoring SAS Information Maps ![/b] HELP !

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There are several ways to monitor what is going in the SAS environment. The IOM Servers (workspace server, stored process server, OLAP server) are ARM-enabled, and can generate fairly detailed logs which could include the queries being executed. Some links to peruse:

Introduction to ARM:

ARM Macros:

OLAP monitoring:

For monitoring of information maps usage specifically, SAS does not provide any tools out-of-the-box to do this today. We do log the usage of Web Report Studio reports (which implies usage of information maps). I believe it would be technically possible to do something in a custom development environment if what is provided in the logs is not sufficient.
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