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VBA help on Attachmate Extra! Personal Client 6.4

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VBA help on Attachmate Extra! Personal Client 6.4

Dear Experts, I am using Attachmate Extra Personal Client 6.4 and trying to automate the work using Microsoft Excel VBA. I have created the code and it seems to work fine except at certain times (when the rumber of rows to execute is more than 100 or so...) it looks to jump screens or overtype at certain cursor positions. The code looks fine however it gives different results at different times. Is there a session timing issue in attachmate because of which I am getting this error. Currently the default session timing is set at 3 seconds. I have validations kept for each screen name too. Any help that you could give me about attachmate extra and basic steps that we should keep in mind while designing automation tasks on attachmate will be greatly appreciated.

My apologies if I tried this question at the wrong forum. I understand Attachmate uses the SAS modules and thats the reason why I tried asking this question here. If anyone could guide me or direct me to the correct forum to ask this question that will be much appreciated.

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Re: VBA help on Attachmate Extra! Personal Client 6.4

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You might be in the wrong neighborhood - the Google search argument below revealed some better destinations to pose your question/issue/problem:

attachmate vba programming forum

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