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Using excel to access SAS OLAP cubes

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Using excel to access SAS OLAP cubes

I am using excel and my users want a predesigned excelsheet with the most common choises already there.
I make the sheet and check "refresh on open" and uncheck "save password", and finally saves it to disc.

The problem occur when a user (or anyone) open the excelfile, they get prompted to log in, but if they choose to cancel they come to excel with the figures that was saved by me.

I want the figures to be blanked or not displayed until the user logs in.

Do anyone have a solution/work around for this?
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Re: Using excel to access SAS OLAP cubes

In the current design, if the refresh is aborted for any reason before results are retrieved, the current contents of the document are not cleared.

The only suggestion I have as a work around would be to write a bit of VBA code to clear the portion of the document when it is opened by the user.
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