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Updating scorecard from excel file

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Updating scorecard from excel file

Dear all,

I built a scorecard by using SAS Strategy Management.  The source data that is provided by user is excel file.

1. My problem is I could not update the data through the SAS Data Integration to the scorecard.

2. What design of the input file I needed and where the input file should I locate at?

3. Besides, how to running the BMF macro coding in the SAS Data Integration.

Hopefully I could know the step to do it. Thank you very much.

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Re: Updating scorecard from excel file

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Not sure if it is relevant. A little while ago, I have answered question on update Excel file using 'Modify' statement.


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Re: Updating scorecard from excel file

Hi Haikuo,

Thank for your reply. Although it is no relevant but may useful in the future for me. Do you know about the SAS Strategy Management Batch Maintenance Facility (BMF) use in scorecard?

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