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The banner and Add-in

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The banner and Add-in


sorry I did not find a post about that.

I work on a SAS 9.1 BI windows server and the add-in installed on my laptop.

I created a style with EGUIDE on my laptop with an image banner.
I created a STP that works with EGUIDE. When I use it with the Add-in I don't see the banner. Why ? Even if I use the EGdefault style I don't see the banner with the add-in.

I modified the STP and add _OSSTYLESHEET macro without success. Perhaps the path I mentionned were wrong but is it the solution or does the add-in could not manage the banner ?

If I wrote %let _ODSSTYLESHEET=(URL="file:///d:/mdf/3.fic/mystyle.css");
because my SAS server is installed on drive D: of my server is it fine ? On d:/mdf/3.fic we found mystyle.css and the mystyle.png on the same folder.

Thank you for your help it's not clear. Message was edited by: Stephane
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Re: The banner and Add-in

According to this Tech Support note:

A physical path on disk is the least reliable method for referencing an image file.

You might wish to switch to a UNC name or a URL method, as described in the note, or work with Tech Support on your specific stored process question -- since they can look at all your code and your image location in addition to other factors and make specific recommendations.

Other factors that might impact the use of a banner image are:
1) What Office product are you using with the Add-in to receive stored process results (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)??? It might be possible that one Office product will use banner images, while another Office product does not.

2) What is the result type that you are using? It is possible that the default SASReport XML result type might not use a banner image: while HTML results from the stored process MIGHT use a banner image. As another example of this -- I would not expect CSV stored process results, opened in Excel, to use a banner image, at all, because a CSV file does not use ANY style. You say that you are overriding _ODSSTYLESHEET reserved macro variable -- but are there any other overrides in your code, such as for _ODSDEST or _ODSSTYLE??

3) If you are not overriding _ODSDEST or _ODSSTYLE, what stored process options are set in your Add-in application? Word, Excel and Powerpoint all have option settings that specify how stored process results should be received by the application (as SASReport XML; also as CSV or HTML for Excel; or, as RTF or HTML for Word)?? Have you changed that setting? Have you changed the option choice that relates to using styles???

Other possibly relevant Tech Support notes:
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Re: The banner and Add-in

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas
Hi Cynthia,

I generated HTML output and I modified _ODSSTYLE. I send to Excel or Word. The idea is to have a report with a graph and a table formatted with the mystyle.css.

I did not change the settings within MS-Office so I'll check the that.

Thank you.
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Re: The banner and Add-in

I'm not sure what happens if you have overrides to both _ODSSTYLE and _ODSSTYLESHEET -- you might want to ask Tech support. Usually, I do something like this in my stored processes:

... more code;

which would take control of the destination (_ODSDEST) to be MSOFFICE2K -- an HTML output based on the Microsoft HTML specification. The _ODSSTYLE macro variable is used to instruct the stored process to use the SASWEB style template and the _ODSSTYLESHEET null statement is turning off the use of any CSS file -- to avoid any collisions between the style template and the CSS stylesheet.

If you are doing something out of the ordinary or NOT using a UNC name or URL for the CSS file, then your best bet for help is to work with Tech Support. Remember that the CSS file location that you specify must be the correct location of the CSS file when the HTML file will be opened -- not when the HTML file is created. This generally means that the location of the CSS file is on a web server, not on a local machine.

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