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StartIndex cannot be less than zero

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StartIndex cannot be less than zero

I am using the SAS Add-in 2.1 with Microsoft Excel. I have several stored processes that work the same way without any trouble, but occasionally I am getting an message about a start Index less than 0 (regardless of how I specify the SP location). The stored processes in question work well in EG4 but not Excel. The first time, my code included 3 reports in one SP which I simply spread out to 3 SPs to fix. The second time, I switched from using a Proc SQL; select statement to a Proc Print statement. The troublesome code does have some success opening in Word despite a long processing time. I can find no errors or warnings included in the log. Since the same code works well in other SPs, I would like to know what is actually causing this issue rather than just find another way of writing my SPs. The only output from running these SPs is a SAS Add-in dialog box that reads as follows:

The SAS Report results for "AQP_Comments" could not be processed. StartIndex cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: startIndex

BTW, your spell checker doesn't recognize SAS.
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Re: StartIndex cannot be less than zero

You might consider contacting Tech Support for help with this. The only similar thing that I've had happen is an SP that worked in EG, but failed in other client applications because I happened to use a JavaScript keyword as a parameter name, as described here:

Tech Support is in the best position to look at your actual SP code and help you figure out what is going wrong.

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