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Share SAS data set to non-SAS users

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Share SAS data set to non-SAS users


I have a large SAS data set stored on SAS EG server. How can I let business users without any SAS knowledge to access my data from EXCEL or ACCESS database through linked data source, no programming skill is required?

Please discuss scenario with or without OLAP service on the EG server. Any link or document recommendations?



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Share SAS data set to non-SAS users

Sounds like a typical job for SAS/Add-in for MS Office (AMO).

If your business users a familiar with pivot tables, using OLAP could work well (if the data is suite for multi dimensional analysis).

A part from that, AMO has pretty much the same task (wizards) as EG, an let's the user browse, filter and query data.

But when you say large, how large?

It could be performance issues with users that are not database aware, query very large tables. You may want to create smaller specialized data/information marts for some users.

You also may want to combine this with the use of information maps, which can cover database logic (such as star schema joins, row level security and caclulated columns.

You can search to find lot of documentation and papers on this topic.


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