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Send one-line e-mail

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Send one-line e-mail

I would like to send a one-line email message out of SAS using the X command. Is there a way to do that?

We are an MS Windows server installation with 9.0 and use Outlook Exchange Server?

Basically is there a DOS-like way to send a one line message using Outlook?
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Re: Send one-line e-mail

I don't know the DOS-like outlook command but to send emails in SAS I use this :

filename outbox email "" ;

data _null_;
file outbox
subject="Subject of your email";
put "Your text";

You can find anothers examples (more detailed) in the "Samples" Section of this site with the keyword "email".
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Re: Send one-line e-mail

Have you tried to sending a mail using a DATA Step, or using conditional logic in a DATA Step

? And for the DOS-command, I am not sure if there is any viability or not. You can try the reference solution provided above.

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