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SAS datalib to an Access table

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SAS datalib to an Access table

A recent upgrade of our SAS software (8.2 to 9) has revealed a bug that we have yet to resolve, I'm hoping someone may have seen this before. For many years, we've successfully created SAS datalib's and use the following code to export the datalib and replace the existing Access table:

proc export data = datalib.GLDownload
outtable = "GLDownload 3"
dbms = Access
database= "\\sassrvr\datalib\glfile.mdb";

Our IT dept is in the process of upgrading SAS from version 8.2 to 9.0. We had to convert all our programs and datasets to the new version and began testing. Everything has been successfully converted and tested except for the 3 programs where we use this technique.

The problem occurs on currency fields that are negative. Somewhere between the datalib, which is correct, and the Access table, the value comes into the table one cent less!!! Again, only if the value is negative, positive numbers are corrrect.

We use Access 2003, SAS tried to recreate the problen in Access 2000 and it did not occur.
I also tried exporting to Excel and that worked fine.

Does anyone have any experience or fixes? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.
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Re: SAS datalib to an Access table

Does your data contain large numbers (and maybe need to be in DOUBLE datatype in Access)?
Then have a look at this:

Else, I suggest that you contact SAS support to resolve this issue.

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