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SAS Pivot table and protect sheet

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SAS Pivot table and protect sheet


first of all:

I have no office in english language, so i don´t know the exact button texts of the english office - but i hope you nevertheless understand the problem.

I have office 2010 with the sas add-in. Now i create a pivot table in excel based on an Olap or Information Map. This pivot table has a filter.

Now i want to protect the sheet. The formats, the height or width of the cells, the colours, the headlines and thext on the sheet... and so on - but of course not the data of the sas-pivot-table. If i reload the pivot-table or i change the filter then the data should update. The rest of the sheet should remain as it is.

If i click right with the mouse and disable on the pivot table this: --> "Format cells" --> "protection" --> "cell locked"

Nevertheless i get an error message in excel.

Is this possible - and if yes: how?

Thank you very much

Best regards


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