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SAS OLE DB connection in Power BI

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SAS OLE DB connection in Power BI

Hi folks,


I need to connect Power BI to SAS using an OLE DB connection (can't use ODBC nor the native connection). Here is the string from the build:

provider=sas.IOMProvider.9.45;data source="iom-name://SASApp - Logical Workspace Server";mode="ReadWrite|Share Deny None";sas cell cache size=10000;sas port=0;sas protocol=0;sas server type=1;sas metadata user id=dxru984;sas metadata password=XXXXX;sas metadata location=iom-bridge://

I also tried with this one:

Provider=sas.IOMProvider.9.45;Data Source=iom-name://SASApp - Logical Workspace Server;SAS Cell Cache Size=10000;SAS Port=0;SAS Protocol=0;SAS Server Type=1;SAS Metadata User ID=dxru984;SAS Metadata Password=xxxxxxx;SAS Metadata Location=iom-bridge://

The first string works perfectly with Excel but not in PowerBI with that error message:

OLE DB : Format of the initialization string does not conform to the OLE DB specification

Any idea would be appreciated.



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Re: SAS OLE DB connection in Power BI

Hello @amar17,


I think this question would be best addressed to the Microsoft's Technical Support. Have you already drop this question at them?

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Re: SAS OLE DB connection in Power BI

Wild guess but try switching your double quotes to single.


Why can't you use ODBC?

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Re: SAS OLE DB connection in Power BI

My connection work, by removing some default parameters: provider=sas.IOMProvider.9.45;data source=[APP_HOST];sas port=8591;sas protocol=2;sas metadata user id=[USERID];sas metadata password=[PASSWORD];sas metadata location=[META_HOST]:8561


I saw the solution in

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