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SAS Excel integration VBA->listeners failure

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SAS Excel integration VBA->listeners failure



I'm trying to execute SAS Stored Macros from the Excel with VBA. Have sometimes  failures of the listeners and couldn't really anderstand when it happends and what is the source of the problem, but usually when the SAS server is slow and I have a message that 'OLE is waiting fo SAS answer' on the other hand sometimes even having this message everything goes fine. 

How could i control the listener health? The problem is that I set up a loop checking if the execution is finished and having no answer from SAS make the loop endless and I don't know what is going on, cause when I check SAS processes are competed and everything went fine just I didn't get the event. It is the same On _StepError and _SubmitComplete listeners.

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Re: SAS Excel integration VBA->listeners failure

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Are you trying to call SAS via the VBA shell function or are you using the SAS Integrated Object Model (IOM)? I'd strongly recommend using IOM if you're using the shell function as I suspect the problem you're encountering may be due to startup time for the background SAS session that needs to be opened.

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