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SAS Excel Add In Doubling Row and Column Count

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SAS Excel Add In Doubling Row and Column Count


I am using SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Version 7.11 HF3 ( (32-bit)


I am linking a SAS Dataset to our GRID environment via the SAS Add-In, creating a libname statement with the Simple Code Editor, and then importating the entire SAS dataset to seperate tabs



When I first import the Datasets, The last row of the Data matches the last row of the dataset.

However, when Refresh the datasets via Manage Content, I get a lot of white space below and to the right of the dataset, and a "copy" of the last row at double the rows / columns.


In the screenshot below, my last row of data is at row 2761, column W, but the refresh process added an additional line at row 5521, column AS. (Hidden rows/columns in screenshot):




Anyone experience this issue on their side? Everytime I refresh, I have to manually delete the extra columns below and to the right to reduce file size. Somehow, the SAS Excel Add in wants to insert cells to create space (under advanced properties of dataset), but it should not be inserting this additional last row in the first place:




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