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SAS Add-in download issue

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SAS Add-in download issue

I can't see my SAS Add-in.

I dowload SAS 9.4 SAS Add-in7.1

When i try to add from COM Add-ins  and click on SAS Add-in 7.1 for Microsoft Office , it says not loaded. A run time error occurered during the loading of the COM Add-in. 

Also i tried to


I run that too. I don't know what else i need to check.

I use Excel 2013

My pc is running Windows8. 1


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Re: SAS Add-in download issue

I'm pretty sure you can't install the SAS Add-in this way.


I've found that the easiest way to install this is using the standalone installers as documented here on page 77:


If your SAS Software Depot does not include any standalone installs you will need to request these from SAS

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