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Quick Question

Hello all,

I have to admit that I have just began to learn SAS. I have a number of SAS users who were on Windows 2000. I would like to upgrade the users to Windows XP Pro, and these users have detailed SAS setup. Is it possible to save the SAS configuration to a file prior to re-imaging. Then once I re-install SAS on Windows XP, install SAS with a Configuration File to have it setup the way was? If this, or something to this extent, is possible it would be great. Thanks for your help.
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In the SAS documentation (received with your SAS install media), you should find references to the
"SAS Companion for the Microsoft Windows Environment".

Within that document, there is a section that references "Files Used by the SAS System." The following is a quote from the documentation.

However, before you switch folks to a new operating system, you need to read the full documentation and not just operate from this short list:
"The SAS System uses many files while it is running;
however, some of these files are especially important from a user's perspective. These files include the

--SAS configuration files (SASVx.CFG by default where x is the release number)

--SAS autoexec file (AUTOEXEC.SAS by default)

--user profile catalog (Profile.sas7bcat)

--WORK data library ("SAS Temporary Files" folder in your system's designated TEMP area)

--SAS Registry Files"
In addition, if you are also dealing with an install of the Business Intelligence platform SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office,
you will need to refer to the documentation/administrator's guide for that suite of products.

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