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Output SAS to Excel through DDE

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Output SAS to Excel through DDE

Use to use sas2excl macro but when moving to a new company I was never able to get it to work. Then started using ExportToXL and loved it. However as of Thursday this week it doesn't work anymore. I suspect it has something to do with the May 5th patch update for Excel on security.

I have since loaded Excel 2003 and now it works again.

Is there a DDE process by macro that will work on Excel 2010. I need the ability to dump SAS data into various positions on the sheet and over multiple sheets. I am not a high level engineer and have trouble reading through long white papers so looking for a macro that I will be able to read and understand.

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Re: Output SAS to Excel through DDE

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There was a similar thread on SAS-L which referenced this discussion at some Office forum it may be helpful.
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