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Mainframes to SAS

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Mainframes to SAS


I am new to SAS. There is a project which is coded in mainframes. Because of various reasons it has to be migrated to SAS Code. Is there any thing called
mainframe SAS. or sugest the suitable version in SAS which successfully migrates MAINFRAME application to SAS.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Mainframes to SAS

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Yes, SAS is available for the mainframe. It is also possible to use SAS to access data files (such as Oracle, DB2, etc) on the mainframe platform. Or, you could even leave the mainframe application intact to do nightly updates from a transaction based process -- but move the reporting and analysis pieces of the application to another platform.

You asked whether there is a "suitable version in SAS which successfully migrates MAINFRAME application to SAS" -- I'm not sure what you mean? There are no "automatic" conversion tools. Generally, mainframe applications were custom applications.

You would have to analyze the functions and processes of the mainframe application, decide whether those functions and/or processes needed to change and how they needed to change. You might decide to code the application entirely using SAS software and SAS datasets or you might decide to use an SQL database for data storage and use SAS for data access and reporting.

Since you posted your question to the Integration with Microsoft Office forum, you might be specifically talking about integrating SAS with applications like Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint. If you are particularly interested in integrating SAS with these applications, SAS does have the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, which is part of the Enterprise Intelligence platform. This software, allows you to access your data and use SAS tasks to perform analysis from within Microsoft applications. For more information about the Enterprise Intelligence Platform and the SAS Add-in for MIcrosoft Office, refer to these sites:

In addition, many industry specific solution tools are built using the Enterprise Intelligence platform:

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Re: Mainframes to SAS

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Thanks Cynthia !!!
Thats what I exactly wanted.

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