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Issues working with Microsoft Access

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Issues working with Microsoft Access

We are using SAS PC File Server to connect to Microsoft Access 2007 database. The database is available as a libname using following command:

libname myLIBNAME pcfiles server="MY_MACHINE" port=8000 pathMY_DB.accdb";

We can read data from tables in the libname without any issues. But anytime we try to update the table, the SAS does not respond and we can only resolve this issue by killing SAS program from the Task manager. For example we add a row to the table using proc append command:

proc append data = data1 base = myLIBNAME.data2; run;

I will really appreciate any insight into this issue or if any one had a similar experience.

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Re: Issues working with Microsoft Access

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you're probably facing the same issue as we are (with Excel files).

You might want to have a look at (Usage Note 42151: PCFILES engine does not support MODIFY in a DATA Step)

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