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Formating legend and axis values in Excel

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Formating legend and axis values in Excel

I'm having two ploblems formatting my axis and legend using AMO in excel

I am creating a multiple vertical column line plot.

1) I want the vertical axis variable to display as percentages. I have formatted the data as such in both excel and when I select the variable in the wizard (ie I set the variable properties to percent12.1)

However, the labels are still displayed as 0.0 thru 0.7. I would have thought that the format percent12.1 would display as 0.0% thru 70.0%. How can I get the labels to display with the format.

2) The vertical variables are x1,x2,x3. I summarize each distinct horizontal value (check box) X1 is summarized as average, x2 is summarized as minimum and x3 is summarized as maximum. The lablel for x1, x2, and x3 are set (thru properties) as X Average, X Minimum and X Maximum.

In the legend I get X1_AVG, X2_Minimum, X3_Maximum. How do I get the legend to show the labels instead?

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Re: Formating legend and axis values in Excel

When you use the tasks and wizards in the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, you are essentially using the same tasks and wizards as the SAS Enterprise Guide tasks and wizards. You might find more help, therefore, in the Enterprise Guide forum. In addition, this paper talks about how to customize graphs using the EG wizards, it might be of some help.

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