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Filtering Excel data through AMO, with user prompt

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Filtering Excel data through AMO, with user prompt

Dear All,


Currently I am working with AMO, which I need to import SAS dataset from Database to Excel. What is required now is during the import process, I need to prompt the users to select which version and which date that the users want to see. The filtration in AMO is static, and if users want to change verisond/date, they will have to import again and change accordingly. So what I am trying to achieve here is, whener users click the Refresh, users are prompted to select version and data.


I know that it is possible to prompt the users to filter the version AFTER the data is imported, but is that possible to do that the during the import process?


Your help is much appreciated.


Thank you.




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Re: Filtering Excel data through AMO, with user prompt

Just to be clear:

From SAS Add-in in Excel, you import data from a external database into SAS datasets (on the server). Then you open the imported SAS data set for filtering reporting in Excel...?

And now you wish to add a filter to the import part?

I don't have my fingertips on the Add-in right now, but you could create a stored process that does the importing, and there supply a prompt with your desired filter.

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