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Export data from SAS to Microsoft Presentations

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Export data from SAS to Microsoft Presentations


Does anyone know how to export data from SAS to Microsoft Presentations.
I am using Windows SAS, and have SAS/ACCess to PC files installed on my computer.

Will this installation do, or do I need any additional installations.

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Re: Export data from SAS to Microsoft Presentations

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When you say "Microsoft Presentations", you mean Microsoft PowerPoint???

This Tech Support note describes your choices with BASE SAS:

One other method, is to just cut and paste directly from Microsoft Word, into PowerPoint, when you open your RTF file. Otherwise, there is no "direct" SAS to PowerPoint method, using Base SAS and/or SAS/Access to PC Files (which is really relevant only for CSV, Excel, and Microsoft Access files, tab-delimited files, etc).

If you have the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office (as part of a SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform installation, also known as the Business Intelligence Platform), there is the capability to establish a connection directly to a SAS dataset from within Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). This connection allows you to perform analyses and have those analytic tasks return their results directly to PowerPoint. You can also run SAS Stored Processes and have the stored process results return directly to PowerPoint.

But in the absence of the whole SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform client/server configuration, your choices are basically cut and paste of tables and graphs, as described in the Tech Support note.

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